A new bill passed in the New York State Senate and Assembly Friday will allow the state to revoke real estate licenses over issues of human rights violations
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Taking these classes as a precursor to your real estate license preparation or as a form of continuing education can significantly aid you in becoming a successful agent
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You might have ambitious long-term goals, but to achieve them, you must focus on the day-to-day
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I just passed my final exam, and I found it to be short, not particularly complex and lacking depth
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My advice to the people who want to give advice
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Department of Financial and Professional Regulation made change to help 110,000 professionals required to carry a license
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Most states allow felons to become licensed real estate agents, but they must plead their case
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Be ready to tap into your inner superhero
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Hope for the best and prepare for the worst
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Hope for the best and prepare for the worst
by Selena Mitchell | Sep 14
Raising real estate fees, requiring college degree and proof of productivity among ideas contributed by Inman readers
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