A lot has changed since Jasen Edwards first earned his real estate license — but a lot hasn't. Here are a few lessons that matter most in real estate today and into the future
by Jasen Edwards Nov 2
Paul Ng had been with Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty in Arizona since 2011. The firm condemned his 'abhorrent, unacceptable behavior'
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 28
The number of new real estate licenses fell by more than 90% in Florida and Texas in April when COVID-19 made the industry hit pause
by Patrick Kearns Aug 31
A new bill passed in the New York State Senate and Assembly Friday will allow the state to revoke real estate licenses over issues of human rights violations
by Patrick Kearns Jul 24
Knowing when you need to take an issue to the next level
by John Giffen Jan 12
Taking these classes as a precursor to your real estate license preparation or as a form of continuing education can significantly aid you in becoming a successful agent
by Anna Johansson Dec 5
You might have ambitious long-term goals, but to achieve them, you must focus on the day-to-day
by John Giffen Nov 17
Although you should never skip good old-fashioned studying, these videos are a great supplement to the knowledge you've already been building through your real estate courses
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The pros and cons of licensing
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6 things would-be licensees should know before they start the process
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I just passed my final exam, and I found it to be short, not particularly complex and lacking depth
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My advice to the people who want to give advice
by Teresa Boardman Jun 23
Department of Financial and Professional Regulation made change to help 110,000 professionals required to carry a license
by Kimberly Manning May 23
Most states allow felons to become licensed real estate agents, but they must plead their case
by Marian McPherson Mar 23
Be ready to tap into your inner superhero
by Debbie Biery Dec 29