Be accurate, truthful and insightful in determining a listing price that will give everyone the best chance for a positive outcome
by Spyro Kemble | May 3
Do your best to perfect these, and your image will be one you're proud of, one that attracts quality clients, one that shows people the real you
by Spyro Kemble | Apr 12
In case you didn't know the formula, first-rate service plus up-to-date information equals top-rate client compensation
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If you want to be the best you must be obsessed
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Follow these tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the luxe market
by Spyro Kemble | Jun 22

I am half-Greek and half-German, and when I communicate about something I’m passionate about, there are probably two things you can expect from me: I will believe I’m right, and I will probably be loud.

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4 steps to being a fearless real estate agent
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Anything tech can do, we can do better
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Know which side of the desk you're on
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Employ the golden rule in the sandbox
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Stop playing musical chairs with your career
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Be a proud licensed professional instead
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5 ways to bring civility back
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Home is where our clients will create a lifetime of memories -- honor that
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