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Stop playing musical chairs with your career

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In our industry, I see a lot of musical chair real estate agents -- those who jump ship because they continue to find discontent with firm after firm. They might quickly change business cards because they are blinded by “shiny new object” syndrome when new companies come to town and offer snazzy technology (not yet implemented or proven to work) or a piece of the “rock” that might later turn out to be a sand dune. Others may prefer to throw blame balls at the teams or companies they work with because their personal performance is lacking. Don’t misunderstand what I'm saying. Speaking from firsthand experience, I certainly understand the need to move brokerages on occasion. I am contemporary enough to know that the days of a person staying at one job or company for a lifetime are long gone. Certainly, it is the norm for any of us to make a few upward moves over a period of time as we ascend in our profession. But there's a difference between chasing the greener grass...