Your commission is negotiated when you take the listing, but after that point, it becomes 'cutting' — and that is not what a luxury agent should engage in
Oct 8
If you want to be part of the 15% of your market, make sure you are exceptional in every aspect, from looking the part to cultivating your relationships — and all things in between
Sep 6
Here's how to strike the balance in promoting your business at the same time as acknowledging the work of the team that supports you
Aug 23
To create a sustainable long-term legacy business, you need to find a balance between someone who is like you but who is also ready to modernize your business
Jul 28
These 'savings' are depriving homesellers of the very thing they are paying us for: exposure and buyers
Jun 21
Be accurate, truthful and insightful in determining a listing price that will give everyone the best chance for a positive outcome
May 3
Do your best to perfect these, and your image will be one you're proud of, one that attracts quality clients, one that shows people the real you
Apr 12
Listen and silent are spelled using the exact same letters
Nov 8
In case you didn't know the formula, first-rate service plus up-to-date information equals top-rate client compensation
Sep 14
If you want to be the best you must be obsessed
Jul 30
Follow these tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the luxe market
Jun 22

I am half-Greek and half-German, and when I communicate about something I’m passionate about, there are probably two things you can expect from me: I will believe I’m right, and I will probably be loud.

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