Real CEO Tamir Poleg takes 2023 Inman 'Innovator of the Year' award
The Real Brokerage founder Tamir Poleg and his executive team walked away with Inman Innovator Award's highest honor, thanks to their amazing strides in tech and recruiting
by Marian McPherson Aug 10
The Real Brokerage more than doubles revenue, agent count in Q2
NYC-based Real Brokerage's Q2 revenue increased 65% year over year to $185.3M. Despite raising fees in Q1, its agent count grew 105% year over year, according to an earnings report
by Marian McPherson Aug 10
Real Brokerage CEO Tamir Poleg: 'We are on fire'
Poleg insists that he admires what eXp has built and shared his company’s prospectus with its CEO Glenn Sanford before going public, but never heard back
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 8
Real Brokerage CEO touts in-works app as the 'future of real estate'
Tamir Poleg believes an in-the-works, consumer-facing app his brokerage is developing will dramatically alter the process of buying and selling a home
by Ben Verde May 17
Real Brokerage CEO: 'At times like these, new leaders are crowned'
The Real Brokerage founder Tamir Poleg shares how his rapidly growing business scooped up so much market share last year against the odds — and what the market holds in the days ahead
by Daniel Houston Apr 19
With Compass as North Star, new brokerages break free of legacy models
There is proof that some good is emerging from the industry boat race that Compass created. Its wide, frothing wake helped other alternative brokerage messages reach the surface, and agents are responding to it
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 13
The Real Brokerage names Sharran Srivatsaa as new president
The company said serial real estate entrepreneur Sharran Srivatsaa would help guide it as it continues expanding to new markets
by Taylor Anderson Dec 12
The Real Brokerage closes deal to acquire LemonBrew Lending
This year's acquisitions of LemonBrew Lending and Expetitle pave the way for the company to provide end-to-end services to homebuyers in many markets
by Matt Carter Dec 9
The Real Brokerage taps 115-agent Dean Aguilar Group in San Diego
Real CEO Tamir Poleg said Tuesday that the latest influx of agents will help further its tech adoption goals as it invests further in software, innovation and a strong online presence
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 16
Real acquires lending arm of LemonBrew Technologies
Agents working under the banner of Real can now extend mortgage services to their clients as a result of the company's acquisition of LemonBrew Lending
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 26
Real Brokerage has big ambitions as it ramps up agents in Q3 and beyond
The Real Brokerage reported a third quarter net loss of $1.06M on $39.8M in revenue as its agents facilitated $1.44B in real estate transactions, up 879% from a year ago
by Matt Carter Nov 22
Virtual brokerage Real sees significant revenue growth in Q2
The company also saw its agent count grow to 2,451, up 126% year over year, according to earnings figures released Tuesday
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 11
Virtual brokerage Real plans to add thousands of agents, CEO says
Tamir Poleg also believes the currently wild housing market may calm down in the near future, but he doesn't believes there's a bubble forming
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 27
Agents should probably learn to play nice with institutional investors
Institutional investors are a growing presence in the US real estate market. The savvy agent should learn how to adapt to their ways — even if it feels a little bit unnatural
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 27
The New Normal: What if agent pay was more than just commissions?
Commissions are still king, but more and more agents are looking for alternative revenue streams in the form of stocks and profit sharing
by Jim Dalrymple II May 26