Eager to buck timeshare label, Pacaso hails new RESO designation
The new 'co-ownership' definition may get Pacaso one step closer to effectively fighting off critics who want to peg the company as selling 'timeshares'
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 29
ResortShare partners with HOAs to improve profitability of timeshares
HOAs often left to foot bills for owners not paying regular maintenance fees
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Owners in default may be sued for unpaid charges, foreclosed
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Donation is one option, but tread carefully
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Traveling retirees' home serves as financial cushion
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5 facts owners should know about resale
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Owner says patio 'violations' infringe on personal freedom
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Many buyers find exclusions aplenty when addressing defects
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Insiders recommend buying resale instead of directly from developers
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Slew of surprises revealed in timeshare's fine print
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