Supply levels of less than two, three months are driving sales prices
by Erik Pisor | Feb 22
Right now is a good time for Bay Area sellers
by Erik Pisor | Dec 18
Technology gives us tools that weren't available in past downturns
by David Fletcher | Mar 2
Existing-home sales down 15% in August
by Inman | Sep 22
Sales rate of resale homes climbs 44% year-over-year
by Inman | Dec 22
But price slides 7.3% year-over-year in September
by Inman | Oct 27
Local real estate stats tell the story
by Joseph Ferrara | Oct 23
High-end markets on both coasts feel the pinch
by Steve Bergsman | Sep 18
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by Inman | Jul 17
CAR reports price up 4.2%, sales up 2.9% in May
by Inman | Jun 29
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by Inman | May 22
But pace soars 64% above last year's mark
by Inman | Apr 27