Tee off or dive in – or both
by Inman | Jul 26
Buyer can purchase loft ready for move-in or for custom design
by Inman | Jun 24

This beautiful waterfront villa on the hillsides of Marin County was built by its owner, architect Sandy Walker, and features some truly classic elements, such as terracotta tiles from the 1800s, an 18th-Centruy limestone staircase from the Loire Valley, reclaimed Italian hardwood floors, 400-year-old roof tiles from Italy and France and three fireplaces dating to the 17th and 18th centuries.

by Inman | Jun 10
St. Lucie Village home comes with waterfront access and includes 18-foot fishing boat
by Inman | May 6
The waterfront community is affordable and growing with new amenities
by Britt Chester | Apr 8
One of the largest remaining contiguous parcels of land in Southampton
by Inman | Nov 10
An ultra-private compound with family ties
by Inman | Oct 29
Old-world sophistication meets mountain and seaside views
by Inman | Sep 17