Big banks are waiting for their opportunity to replace you
by J. Philip Faranda | Oct 13
Court lifts stay, will consider appeal by mortgage brokers
by Inman | Apr 6
Industry groups win administrative stay
by Inman | Apr 1
Lawsuits claim ban on rebates will give bank loan originators unfair advantage
by Inman | Mar 10
Fed says loan officer pay can't be based on loan terms
by Inman | Feb 17
New rules take aim at loan pricing, yield spread premiums
by Jack Guttentag | Feb 16
New lending rules aim to ensure access to cheapest loans
by Tom Kelly | Sep 16
Does your loan provider disclose yield spread premium?
by Jack Guttentag | Mar 29
Booklet updated for Jan. 1 RESPA implementation
by Inman | Dec 17
While improved, borrowers' final rate and points still unclear
by Jack Guttentag | Dec 7
Fed's Reg Z changes take effect Thursday
by Inman | Sep 29
Mortgage brokers must credit rebates to borrowers
by Matt Carter | Jul 31
Overhaul of TILA loan disclosures also on tap
by Matt Carter | Jul 28
Predatory lending legislation amended in committee
by Matt Carter | Apr 30
Predatory lending bill would require lenders to share risk on some loans
by Inman | Mar 27