Don't worry too much about marijuana legalization, Colorado homebuyers

Colorado may have legalized recreational marijuana, but that doesn’t mean that the state will be overrun by hordes of pot smokers and grow operations anytime soon.

Local governments still have a say in whether pot shops are allowed within their borders, and most have either already passed bans or placed a moratorium on pot business pending rollouts in other parts of the state, the Colorado Association of Realtors reported.

“For now, it’s brokers in Denver and Denver County who will need to be the most concerned with how recreational pot shops will affect their business and whether or not it is a concern for their clients,” the trade group said.

In those local jurisdictions that are allowing sales, grow operations are restricted to zones designated as industrial. Individuals are allowed to grow up to six plants indoors, but brokers should look out for signs of extensive grow operations when showing homes, CAR said. Such signs include mold, unsafe wiring, holes in ceilings, wood rot, and damaged fixtures.

Denver agent Bob Costello launched a marijuana-friendly marketing campaign last month offering prospective clients who might want to grow pot insight into what type of homes they should be looking for.