Phishing scam targets real estate agents with fake Better Business Bureau emails

The Better Business Bureau is warning real estate agents of a phishing scam that uses bogus websites in an attempt to coax detailed financial information out of them.

Fraudulent emails that claim the recipients are under investigation have been sent to real estate offices across the U.S., but Clearwater, Fla., seems to be specifically targeted.

The Better Business Bureau said it’s frequently “spoofed” by scammers and other criminals, because the BBB is “a trusted source and the recipients are more likely to open the emails if they have the familiar BBB name and logo,” said CEO Carrie Hurt in a statement.

The Better Business Bureau says it has shut down more than 175 fraudulent websites in the past 18 months.

“We are taking an extra step this time to warn real estate agents and offices, because we haven’t previously seen one specific industry targeted like this,” Hurt said. Source: