The founder of a fast-growing real estate company in New Zealand who used the famous “Hitler in the bunker” scene from the movie “Downfall” to tout his firm’s business model and rapid growth says the video was not intended for public consumption, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The video, “Mike Pero Real Estate Takes On Hitler Real Estate,”  depicts Hitler as a rival broker, upset that he’s losing agents and market share to Pero, a mortgage lender who’s taken the opportunity afforded by legislation passed in 2008 to launch a real estate franchising business.

Pero said the video was created by a university student for internal use and was supposed to be private. The paper said authorities received complaints about the video but took no action. One of Pero’s rivals said a Jewish client was not amused by the video.

The scene from “Downfall” has served as the basis of numerous parodies. Because the movie’s dialogue is in German, it’s relatively easy to superimpose English subtitles depicting Hitler and his cronies having a heated discussion on any topic. Source:


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