• The California Association of Realtors has set up an alliance with CRM provider Realvolve.
  • Realvolve is the first exclusive CRM to be offered by CAR's Real Estate Business Services (REBS) to its members.
  • Realvolve claims to have the most robust workflow platform in the industry and is the first CRM to actively measure the quality of relationships.

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Is your tech really doing what you want it to, or is it constraining your business? “The majority of customer relationship management software that is built for real estate agents keeps them locked into a sales role rather than a business-owner role,” said Dave Crumby, CEO and founder of Realvolve, which has just been named as the California Association of Realtors' preferred CRM provider. The first CRM offered by REBS Realvolve is the first exclusive CRM to be offered by Real Estate Business Services (REBS) to CAR's 185,000 members and the Colorado company has not paid for this opportunity. Laura Williamson, Business Development Director of REBS, said, "Investing in a CRM allows members to work smarter rather than harder. It allows them to more easily track, coordinate an...