Special report: How to fix new-agent onboarding

It's not easy for rookies to succeed in this industry -- here's where they struggle and how to help
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  • The area where new agents seem to struggle most is lead generation: 47 percent of respondents said including lead generation is critical in initial training, and 37.55 percent said lead generation was the most important area to work on in ongoing training.
  • The best thing a new agent can do is find an excellent and generous agent mentor or coach to whom they should make themselves indispensable.
  • More than three-quarters of respondents (77.39 percent) said that new agents fail at least in part because they are unprepared for the realities of working as an independent contractor.
  • New agents spend too much time on marketing and too little time on lead generation, said respondents.

New agents are still a long way from receiving the support and training they need to thrive in real estate. That’s what we learned from 482 agents, brokers and other industry professionals who took our survey. Two pieces of advice stand out in our research.