HomeSmart's plan to grow to 100,000 agents by 2021

Newly promoted Ashley Bowers president at HomeSmart International, talks about the company's ambitious plans and why HomeSmart has a headstart.
  • Arizona-based real estate group HomeSmart International is planning to go from 10,300 agents to 100,000 by 2021.
  • It is opening in 19 new markets this year, including Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia and Cincinnati.
  • HomeSmart 's founder and president believe tech-forward brokerages will win the consumer.

Hiring someone with an extensive background in talent management and organizational growth as newly promoted HomeSmart International president Ashley Bowers has, may be one of the smartest things the company’s founder, Matt Widdows did a couple of years ago. Because when you have a goal to expand your real estate company from 10,300 to 100,000 agents by 2021, you are going to need someone in charge who knows how to motivate people and bring them together with a common goal and a common culture.