Voodoo Agent: How to avoid being a secret agent in your business

Gary Gold discusses what agents should do to promote themselves

If the idea of promoting yourself doesn’t sit well with you, and you’re a real estate agent, you’ve made a huge vocational error. You simply can’t be a successful agent without letting people know what you do.

The key to promoting yourself is consistency. Focus on consistency and then quality. Don’t get so caught up on quality that you miss the consistent mark.

In fact, Gary Gold knows agents who have been sending out terrible marketing forever — but they do it so consistently that it works for them and their business.

To get started, just reflect on what you’re doing now and what you can do better or how you can do it consistently. Then get it into a system. If you have to think about it, you’re not going to do it.

For more on promoting yourself as an agent, watch the video above.