gary gold voodoo agent episode three leads

Voodoo Agent: Getting leads — the good news and the bad news

Sixty five million leads are generated a year just online, says Gary Gold in the fourth episode of Voodoo Agent.

The bad news?┬áThat means it’s really easy to get leads, so you’re going to be fighting for yours.

“The key to this business — where all the money is made — is that lead going from one of 10 people to the person…”

When you start pursuing a lead, you might some immediate interest. Great. But that’s when the process gets tricky — all of a sudden, it can get really hard to reach somebody.

Leads aren’t obligated to call you back. But there is some good news: If you can communicate persistently and purposefully over a long period of time without annoying someone, when the time comes to sell, they are going to remember you.

For more on Gold’s specific follow-up techniques and conversation tips, check out the video.