Bernice's Stories

Become the premium agent who provides better tools, top-notch negotiation skills and concierge-level service
Feb 11
Just create your unique recruiting proposition, always have a few tools your competitors haven’t discovered yet, and take the time to make each agent feel welcomed
Jan 29
Whether you're a small brokerage or an indie, there's no reason you can't compete with the leading national players when it comes to getting top talent
Jan 28
Save yourself the headaches, and do what's best for all parties involved — issue a buyer credit when repair issues arise
Jan 21
The companies that have made the client experience their prime focus are the ones that have gone the distance for decades, regardless of the tech changes or market shifts
Jan 14
Although you can’t always circumvent another agent’s poor choices (especially during negotiations), you can make sure that you avoid making these mistakes in your business
Jan 6
Having your written goals in front of you constantly is the secret to achieving them
Jan 3
As more studies reveal the harmful effects of screen time, real estate professionals should focus on real-life experiences rather than digital ones
Dec 26