Bernice's Stories

If the sellers insist on interviewing other agents, have them put your competitors to the test — they won’t beat your response time, marketing plan and tech approach
Dec 10
Give yourself the gift of smiles and laughter — both are great ways to chase away stress
Dec 3
Melanie Hurwitz holds the heavy-weight most-bizarre showing belt in my opinion. Here's why
Nov 26
Be proactive in warning your clients about the risks and pitfalls, do your best to clean up messes as they occur, seek feedback, and take action quickly
Nov 19
Get them off the fence immediately — before interest rates sneak up on them
Nov 12
Here's how to cope if prices start to soften in your area
Nov 5
Whether it's knocking on wood, burying a statue of St. Joseph headfirst or clearing a house with sage, clients often cling to beliefs that don't always make sense to us
Oct 29
How to know when it's time to send your clients packing
Oct 22