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Four ways to protect yourself from exposure to arbitration, litigation and mixed-up memories before it's too late
Oct 15
If you’re willing to get creative and stay focused over the holidays, you’ll reap the rewards
Oct 8
Many luxury agents opt to show their clients the most luxurious properties in their price range, but that might not be what today’s ultra-luxury buyer wants
Oct 1
If you want to knock out your competitors, experiment with some of these tools — and stay within your budget
Sep 24
The damage has been done — now it's time to make the rebuilding process as painless as possible
Sep 18
With Hurricane Florence taking aim at $1T worth of real estate, it's critical to know how to protect your clients
Sep 17
Comparing the psychology of the 'Richistani' and the 'Millionaire next door,' two terms coined by authors Robert Frank, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko
Sep 10
If you want to connect with your luxe clientele, connect with their culture first
Sep 5