Teresa's Stories

Social media platforms are evolving and so are your Friends' browsing habits. As followers start to scroll instead of social, you may find yourself in new digital territory
Dec 2
Flexibility and agility are always useful for independent contractors. Obtaining your brokers license during your downtime gives you more professional options
Nov 3
We can all ignore elections as being 'political' but that won’t make them go away. No adult who is old enough to vote is above politics
Oct 24
Housing fills a basic human need, so why is proptech being used to enrich the few rather than to benefit the many?
Oct 13
Whether you're creating a new blog post, a YouTube video or content for your social media channels, these topics are designed to help you fill your listing pipeline
Sep 26
There are many reasons a past client or current friend may not reach out to you as their real estate agent. Don't take it personally
Sep 13
Forget the memes. If you've been around real estate for any length of time, you know that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected
Sep 1
Sometimes real estate agents don't seem able to break away from the script and listen to what potential clients really want and need
Aug 18