Whether you're working with first-time homebuyers or helping seniors stay in their homes, the way that you support homeownership matters, writes broker-owner Teresa Boardman
Jun 25
On the heels of the National Association of Realtors’ midyear meeting, broker-owner Teresa Boardman wonders why NAR doesn’t livestream (and engage) more members
May 15
Real estate professionals have survived upheaval and change in the past, and we'll do so again, broker-owner Teresa Boardman writes, even if we don't yet know quite how
May 4
Forget the infographics, lists and pie charts, broker Teresa Boardman writes. Instead, tell a compelling story about how you've helped your clients
Apr 15
There's already a perfectly simple solution to defining and communicating with buyers about your commission, writes broker-owner Teresa Boardman
Oct 31
Although technology has its place, it simply can't compare with the human touch when it comes to marketing and running a real estate business
Oct 12
You don't have to figure out everything on your own when it comes to buyer commissions and the bombshell lawsuits. It's your broker to help
Sep 22
Broker Teresa Boardman writes that consumers and agents at large have the wrong information and the wrong idea about NAR, especially in the wake of its sexual harassment scandal
Sep 11
Rather than trying to turn them into listings, it's time for real estate professionals to reach out to senior homeowners with a helping hand
Aug 25
Nothing is going to disrupt the real estate industry in the years ahead as much as the onslaught of climate change
Aug 14
If you think a member of the National Association of Realtors has done something unethical as outlined in the Code of Ethics, please file a complaint
Jul 25
Yes, you can ignore Threads, and you will stay in business, Inman contributor Teresa Boardman writes of Meta's latest social media offering. 'If you are on the fence, I am writing this for you'
Jul 11
How fair housing is taught matters. Unfortunately, writes broker-owner Teresa Boardman, most fair housing courses are worse than useless
Jul 4
Does "full-service real estate" really mean anything or is it just something brokerages say to charge higher fees?
Jun 8
While NAR plans to add new checkboxes for agent safety, they're leaving out some of the most common (and messy) hazards that agents face
May 24
While the conversation around door-knocking is compelling, it's not a prerequisite for success in the real estate business
May 19
As major brokerage brands settle the bombshell commission lawsuits, real estate agents will be discussing their commissions more than ever before
May 16
Find out how to protect your clients from the proliferation of online scammers who are seeking to take advantage of them
Apr 25
Forget bells and whistles. Get back to basics with one of your listing's most important marketing tools — great photography
Apr 15
Providing the highest level of client service means understanding the ins and outs of real estate contracts
Apr 6