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Picture taking is a Picnik

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By HOLLY SCHWARTZ Editor's note: Holly Schwartz is the marketing director for Torelli Realty, a boutique real estate company in Orange County, Calif. People love pictures! In real estate seeing pictures of a home is essential. Buyers use them to judge whether or not to go see a home in person. Sellers want to see them to see how their agent is marketing the property.Unfortunately, sometimes house photos just look bad. We've all seen bad pictures -- ones where the colors are dull, the exposure is too light or too dark, the image is slanted, or the picture is pixelated. Does a bad picture do more harm than good? In some cases, most definitely. I first heard of Picnik when I was at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco this past summer. The samples of pictures that were modified using Picnik impressed me enough to give it a try. I've tested it and believe it is definitely worth a whirl because it has some perks that will make the life of ...