Are maps obliterating your visual branding efforts?

Use MapBox to style maps any way you like

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Maps and real estate websites seem to go hand in hand. It only makes sense, I suppose. Everyone wants to know where the house is, what the neighborhood is like, how far it is from stuff, and so on. A map is one of those crucial bits of information display that gives a wide variety of context about one of the things we assume people are looking for when they’re on a real estate website: the house. In this way I suppose it could easily be argued that maps are a sort of data visualization tool. They take a handful of variables and plot them using symbols to show relationships. There is even a little bit of standardization to them. That’s why we can look at a Rand McNally road atlas and Google Maps and figure out that both are maps and that we use them to get someplace. Online, the standard for the past few years has been Google Maps. Wherever we see a map online, we see the familiar yellowy-beige, the familiar typefaces, the line weights representing roads of various...