Help newbies climb the ‘technology on-ramp’

Latecomers don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens

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For those of us who have been knee-deep -- or neck-deep -- in digital tools for years, it's easy to forget that newcomers often need a technology on-ramp to help them get up to speed. Every day, someone wakes up and says, "I heard about this thing called blogging and I'm starting today." Or "I'm going to give Facebook a try. I've heard so much about it from people I trust." People who are only getting started today don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens, to be left in the dustbin of history. They simply need an on-ramp. There are several challenges to building a technology on-ramp. We often forget how truly bewildering technology can be. The technology itself is often overly complex, using unusual iconography. Frankly, it's often flaky. Those who have become proficient with technology tools often forget how tricky it was to learn many of the tricks and tips we rely on. Contemporary technology makes use of an incredible amount of connections. Data, obje...