Scratch-and-sniff book earned long shelf life and leads for agent

#madREskillz: book was infused with 'honey' and 'garbage' smells

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Jesse Zagorsky aspired to create that rare thing that all marketers lust after: "a unique marketing piece that would not feel like marketing." He had a second goal, too: to create something with enough "shelf-life that it would stay on my client’s desk for a long time." And so, in what may mark the most artistic marketing ploy to earn #madREskillz recognition yet, Zagorsky created a custom scratch-and-sniff book. "This piece was very successful for me, and I had clients reaching out to me up to one year afterwards telling me they still had a copy on their desk," Zagorsky said. "I even had a client send me a picture of his small child reading the booking in bed before going to sleep at night!" Zagorsky specializes in marketing real estate owned (REO) properties, so he decided to create a book that would playfully illustrate his trade and resonate with prospects in the default-servicing industry. To honestly capture the nature of his job, he concluded that he co...