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How to stay on top of the changing REO climate

Real Estate Connect panel will look at market for distressed properties today, 5 years out

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During the depths of the downturn, there were fears that housing markets would be flooded by a tidal wave of "shadow inventory" -- distressed properties destined to be foreclosed on by lenders and sold at deep discounts. Suddenly, many markets have the opposite problem -- the supply of "real estate owned" (REO) properties has dried up, asking prices are headed up, and there's a shortage of homes for sale as underwater homeowners hope for further price increases. Now that we're past peak distressed inventory, how can brokers and agents capitalize on the REO market today? Find out at Real Estate Connect San Francisco, where experts will participate in a panel discussion, "Distressed Inventory: Where Are We Now, Where Will We Be in the Next Five Years?" Participating in the Thursday, July 11 panel will be Peter Ranck, vice president, operations, for the RealtyStore;  Christina Griffin, Realtor and REO agent, Coldwell Banker Real Estate;  Desirée Patno, founder and president...