Technology first mover to ‘parallax design’

Technique creates visual interest, attracts the eye to 'calls to action'

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Is parallax scrolling the biggest trend in Web design right now, or a fad that's already fading? The answer, a cursory look at the dozens of posts written on the topic would suggest, is that there's room for those who implement the design technique thoughtfully to succeed. claims to be the first real estate industry website to implement parallax design, unveiling a new home page today that it says will give the site's 12.5 million monthly visitors "a one-of-a-kind experience.” Parallax scrolling is a design technique that creates visual interest -- and an illusion of depth -- by making background images move more slowly than foreground images as the user scrolls through them. The technique can be used to attract the eye to a "call to action" like "Find a local real estate professional." As users scroll down the home page, a moving hand drops keys into a “Find a Professional” query box. An animated phone tips users off to the availability of a mobil...