CoreLogic rolls out BPO evaluation service

Portfolio reviews touted as cheaper than ordering new BPOs

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Real estate data aggregator CoreLogic has launched a service to help investors acquiring property portfolios evaluate the quality of broker price opinions completed by other BPO vendors. BPO Review is designed to be a less expensive and faster alternative to ordering new BPOs on every property within a portfolio and offers a typical turnaround time of less than three business days, Irvine, Calif.-based CoreLogic said in an announcement today. “This solution was based on clients needing a way to get comfortable with the price estimates that are delivered within portfolio offerings,” said Dave Williams, vice president of broker price opinion services for CoreLogic, in a statement. “BPO Review lets buyers and diligence firms test the quality of the existing BPOs and focus on the exceptions -- properties where there is a disagreement on value or concern over complexity.” The service, completed by a CoreLogic real estate professional, includes the company's report on w...