Protect your data from cloud-based storms

Dotloop outage highlights risks of going paperless

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The recent crash of the dotloop e-signature platform highlights the challenges related to going paperless and relying on someone else's server for your protection. Whether it's your email, your website, your e-signature platform or anything else that you store in the cloud, what can you do to protect yourself from cloud-based storms? In my recent series of articles on the differences between the various e-signature platforms, I outlined the dangers of using a PDF-based e-signature platform such as dotloop that relies exclusively on its company website to track document changes in the cloud. When I was researching the articles, I posed the following question to dotloop's CEO, Allison Austin: "What happens if your system goes down, is hacked, or if you go out of business?" His response cited dotloop's multiple backup systems and that it would be highly unlikely that that would happen. When the dotloop system went down, its users lost access. All digital transaction management pl...