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NAR looks at tightening restrictions on dues waivers for thousands of aging members

40 years of NAR membership will no longer be enough to qualify for 'Realtor emeritus' status

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SAN FRANCISCO -- It's no secret that the National Association of Realtors' membership base is getting older. The median age of a Realtor is 57, according to NAR's most recent member survey, up from 52 in 2008. What's not so well-known, perhaps -- except for those nearing the milestone -- is that once you've been a NAR member for 40 years or more, you are eligible to apply for "Realtor emeritus" status and have your national dues waived. Out of 1 million members, NAR currently has 8,149 active Realtor emeritus members, including 1,067 who are slated to be approved Monday by the trade group's board of directors. But as the Realtor population continues to age, many more could qualify for a free ride in the near future. "A lot of our members are getting up there, completing the 40 years," NAR CEO Dale Stinton said at the trade group's midyear conference in May. "There was a concern that we could have 50,000 people" qualify to have their dues waived, Stinton said of propo...