It will always be possible to choose the wrong real estate agent

Broker Notebook

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I have been pretty outspoken in opposing the publication of data from the multiple listing service and calling it “agent performance data," or using it in any way to rate agents. If someone could just give me an example of how other industries are doing this and how it works, I may change my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the town hall discussion about issues surrounding publication of agent data at the Real Estate Connect conference last week. The discussion about publishing agent data got me to thinking about what I look for in a real estate agent. Sometimes my clients want me to recommend an agent in another market. I can do that because I know people, but I generally cannot look up any kind of "performance data" or even MLS data outside of my market. Even if I had it, I would not know how to use that data to make a decision. These are some of the criteria I use to choose an agent that I can recommend to my clients: Experience. I cannot refer an agent ...