Why some brokers are 'reluctant syndicators'

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Most respondents to Inman’s in-depth syndication special report said they send their listings to third-party portals, but the largest share (42 percent) who haven’t pulled their listings from a portal want to from at least one.


They don’t pull them primarily because they feel pressure by their agents, clients, their competition or some mix of all three.

“(We’re) held hostage by agents who hold no risk when something goes wrong,” one broker who wants to pull his or her firm’s listings from a portal wrote. “I’m the broker at risk, big future issue.”

Many brokers and agents who want to stop syndicating their listings to third-party websites but don’t said they feel compelled to keep their feeds on because they’re afraid their competitors will capitalize on their absence to lure productive agents to their firm (in a broker’s case), win a listing presentation (in an agent’s case) or gain market exposure.

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