Real Estate CRMs: Pros and cons and which is best?

Inman special report highlights how real estate CRMs stack up
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If there’s any piece of software that’s supposed to be integral to an agent’s success, it’s their real estate CRM (customer relationship management system). After all, pursuing new leads while maintaining close contact with previous clients takes precious time. But with hundreds of real estate CRM options — some free and some costing thousands of dollars a month — how do agents know which will be the best product for their business? Are these tools investments or expenses? Inman surveyed agents and brokers about whether they use a real estate CRM, which one they chose, and how they feel about the choice they made. Download a PDF of the full report.     Both agents (71.3 percent of respondents) and brokers (28.7 percent of respondents) answered the questions; just over half of the 777 survey respondents said they have been in the real estate industry for more than 10 years (50.1 percent), and 7.4 percent of respondents said they have been workin...