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This post is part two of a two-part series about new agents. In part one, we learned about Adele and Zelda, two new agents with different philosophies. Adele struggles to stay organized, and Zelda utilizes a CRM and the advice of her colleagues to get ahead. Read part one: “How new real estate agents can succeed.”

Feb 25

Real estate agents are a diverse group. Of course, they can differ in age, experience, expertise and personality. But what most of us have in common is the desire to make a successful living from a fulfilling career as an agent.

Feb 24

Are you familiar with this chain of events? A real estate prospect shows interest in listing his or her home. You diligently pursue the lead with phone calls, a home evaluation and coffee meetings. You do everything right, but in spite of your best efforts, the conversation stalls and fizzles out. What’s a real estate agent to do?

Jan 12

Email is synonymous with communication these days. In the few short years that we’ve had access to this tool, it’s become our favorite method of keeping in touch. But what if you’re a veteran Realtor who built the bulk of your database before the Internet dominated communications?

May 26

If you’re part of the 17 percent of real estate agents who employ an assistant (Placester, 2014), you’re lucky enough to get some support for administration and organizational tasks. But what if you’re part of the vast majority of real estate agents who are constantly putting out fires?

Apr 15

In the midst of over 2 million active real estate licensees in North America, your unique value proposition (UVP) is what makes you stand out as a real estate agent. It distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd, and showcases how you are different.

Mar 31