San Francisco is the most energy-efficient city in Calif.

The city has a number of incentive programs and energy-focused initiatives to encourage homeowners and residents to due their part.
  • The city has building codes that are more stringent than statewide standards
  • San Francisco has significantly reduced its greenhouse gas emissions since 1990
  • The city gives organizations and individuals free trees as part of an ongoing plan

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San Francisco is the among the top five most energy efficiency cities in the nation, and homebuyers don't take wasted energy here lightly. The city ranks as the fourth most energy efficient market in the nation primarily because of its energy and water utilities policies, community wide initiatives and building policies. This according to a report from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, which gave San Francisco an energy efficiency score of 75.5 out of a possible 100 points. When it comes to energy and water utilities, the city partners offers various upgrade, incentive, technical service, and quality control programs to single-family residential properties via a partnership with its utility provider Pacific Gas & Electric. The city is also a partner in the ratepayer-funded $26 million Bay Area Regional Energy Network program, which offers home upgrades, rebates and performance-based incentives for multifamily retrofits. glebchik / Shutterstoc...