Real estate agents: Is now the time to blog?

There simply isn't that much competition
  • My goal as an agent is to write for my target audience in my particular market.
  • Use analytics to better your website -- it should always be evolving.
  • As agents, we should be working on both lead capture and attraction with our blogs and websites.

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Writing a blog never really became the big thing we thought it would be for real estate agents a decade ago. There are a handful of real estate pros who have been blogging for a decade or more, and it has been working well enough that some of us have kept at it through the crash of the housing market and the Great Recession. I have kept my blog going since 2005, and I still publish an article almost every day. Most years I have a strategy, and every year, I use analytics and metrics. This year, I have an editorial calendar. I should have had one for each of the past 10 years but I didn't. Starting out -- just do it January is a popular time to start blog, and usually, by about February the blogger has stopped writing and started making excuses for not writing. By about April, the excuses stop; and by August, the blog might still be up and running, but all two people who visit the site will hear crickets and see cobwebs. People who do not like to write should not start a blog, y...