The technology that will transform real estate

Kara Swisher talks on-demand services, machine learning, and virtual reality
  • On-demand services, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are going to transform the homebuying process -- perhaps even replacing the real estate agent.

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NEW YORK -- On-demand services, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will transform real estate, according to Inman Connect keynote speaker Kara Swisher. Swisher is executive editor of Vox Media's Re/Code. She also recently bought a home in San Francisco -- a town she called "assisted living for millennials" -- and was stunned by how "antiquated" the homebuying process was, from the search to the document signing. When she asked why, she was told that that was the way it had always been done. "Well, we used to churn butter" too, she quipped. Real estate has not been touched by digital media as much as it's going to be, according to Swisher. On-demand services On-demand services and their off-shoots, such as self-driving cars, will be "absolutely transformative," she said. Because of on-demand services, people are going to stores less and less -- Walmart's stores may go to 10,000 square feet from 200,000 today, Swisher said. "What is that going to do to real...