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Tech trends for 2016 that impact real estate

Matthew Shadbolt shares what he thinks will be up-and-coming in the sphere

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Matthew Shadbolt, The New York Times' director of real estate product, took the stage at Inman Connect New York to talk about how stories shape his work. "I believe that storytelling is at the heart of community," he said. He's an advocate of building products to make the homebuying process smoother, and as someone who's part of a company undergoing enormous change, he talked about bridging the gap between journalism and problems that the Times can solve for readers. "In short, we believe that the future belongs to those who are relentlessly helpful," he said, adding that there are clear parallels between what The New York Times is trying to do and what real estate agents must do to remain relevant in a world where consumers can find listings anywhere, but aren't sure which neighborhood is right for them. ...