Should you outsource social media?

  • There are positives and negatives to weigh when deciding whether to outsource social media creation and management.
  • Various tools can help you outsource parts of your social media activities and keep control of others.
  • Social media by itself is unlikely to lead to referrals, but it can open the door to conversations.

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You know you need to have a social media presence. But if you're like most agents I know, you have a million other things to do. Finding the time to create content and manage social media -- let alone master the skills -- is challenging enough. You're only human after all. That's probably why many agents choose to outsource their social media. Should you follow their lead or explore other options? I can't answer that for you, but I can help you understand the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. The pros The primary benefits of outsourcing your social media efforts should be pretty obvious. The first is convenience. It's one less thing you have to do yourself. Although using Facebook and other social media sounds more like playing than working, using it effectively for business does take time and effort. You have to develop a strategy, craft updates, find and vet content to share, measure the results and continually adapt. When all of that is off of...