Get the scoop on high-end housing from NBC star Sara Gore

The "Open House" host will speak at Global Connect
Sara Gore | Image courtesy of NBC

Sara Gore | Image courtesy of NBC

Sara Gore has a “unique vantage point” of the luxury real estate market and what trends are emerging.

That’s according to a former co-star of hers, licensed associate broker Brian Lewis of Halstead Property, who shared camera time with Gore on NBC’s “NY LIVE” once upon a time.

“Sara is a presenter of information,” Lewis explained. “Sara is an ambassador for every property, so she has a far broader luxury perspective, frankly, than most agents of every level — because she is in the property; she sees what is moving and what is not within the New York tri-state area, and she’s also traveled around the country and hosts the national shows, which feature Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii and points beyond — even overseas.

“She gets a broad perspective because she’s not just watching the luxury market, she’s selling it — but she’s not selling it to buyers, she’s selling it to the world as what the luxury brand is.”

Gore will be speaking at Global Connect, which takes place April 6-7 in New York. She’ll give “The Scoop On High-End Housing: Who Is Doing What?”

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“She has several gifts,” noted Lewis. “She’s smart as a whip; she is able to boil down a lot of facts and information in a very short, succinct, understandable way — and in a very gorgeous way, because she is the friend of these properties, moreso than the agents themselves. She has become a luxury brand herself, and when she features a listing, it’s like the ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal of approval.

“Sara’s luxury show is not a soap opera,” he added. “It is a window into a world, and it is not mean, snarky or ugly, or fake.”

Gary Gold has also had properties featured on Gore’s show. “I’ve done a bunch of these types of show over my career — a lot of them. ‘Open House’ is short and sweet and perfect for the attention span of 2016,” he said.

“She’s just got the skill to set something up in a way that I don’t — she makes it interesting and gives it like you’re watching ‘Entertainment Tonight,'” added Gold. “She really knows how to set up a story, and it’s very compelling the way she does it.”

“She’s best when she’s live,” added Lewis.

Watch Gore give “The Scoop On High-End Housing: Who Is Doing What?” on April 7 at Global Connect.

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