6 reasons the Galaxy S7 might be perfect for you

Why I love my new phone
  • Samsung Pay works well.
  • The phone charges quickly, and it even has wireless charging.
  • The Galaxy S7 has expandable storage.

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Real estate agents just love their iPhones, but there are alternatives for those who want to try something new and a little different. And yes, you can easily sync a Samsung that has an Android operating system, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, with your iPad and your Apple computer or PC. I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S7, and it arrived about a week before the official release date, March 11, 2016. It did not take me long to get it set up, but I am still tweaking some of the settings and playing with the cameras. I have already gotten used to how fast it is and the wonderful display. Some of the information I have read about it online is false, and after seeing the phone myself I discovered that when I went to a store to pre-order the phone, the clerks had given me some information that was wrong as well. I like to do my homework on the Internet before buying anything from a phone or electronics store, and I like to get the information from trusted websites and verify i...