Why pre-listing is bad for consumers in a seller’s market

Buyers should know what they're getting into
  • The best way to kill pre-pre-listings and pre-listings is to educate consumers.
  • In a seller's market, there's no reason to build excitement for a coming listing -- buyers are already excited about anything new on the market.
  • By pre-pre-listing, homeowners are effectively making their homes into playthings for the agents or brokers involved.

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I think the best way to kill the pre-listing and the pre-pre-listing strategy is to start educating consumers. At least where I work, we are in a pretty strong seller's market. There isn't any reason to put a "coming soon" sign in front of a home to build excitement. Buyers are already excited about homes coming on the market that they might get the chance to buy -- because there is so little for sale. A seller's market Each week, when I look at the number of homes that are for sale in our market, I see a new low. It has been that way now since November. We have 50 percent fewer homes on the market than we would normally see this time of year. Weekly home sales are about average, which is why I keep running out of homes to show my clients and why I am currently working with buyers more than sellers. Most of my listings are in the pending status, and I ran out of sold signs over the weekend. Agents who have homes on the market that aren't really on the market have a unique o...