How will online agents impact the real estate industry?

  • Online-based real estate agents have launched, competing with the traditional agents.
  • The U.S. is yet to establish an industry of online real estate agents.
  • Online real estate agents offer huge savings but do not guarantee any sales.

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The Internet has led to an incredibly positive change in many global industries. One of the first and most publicized being the music industry with the start of Napster, the Mp3 and concept of free music. Next up, the TV and movie industry. Remember Blockbuster video? Younger generations might not, but I'm sure they have heard of Netflix. The Internet has changed everything including how we consume news, how we shop, socialize, publish, make payments, order taxis and more. Everything is easier and more cost effective. However, there's one industry that has been remarkably stubborn -- the real estate agents industry. With such an emotionally charged purchase or sale and with British real estate agents in almost every corner and crevasse, it's easy to soak up the sales talk and entrust them to deal with the whole process. But more and more people are starting to realize that an estate agent completion fee in the UK of 1.5 percent or thereabouts is just a little ridiculous. Th...