Stop using ‘I’m busy’ as an excuse

We get it -- you're important
  • I hate getting the "I'm busy" excuse. We are all busy.
  • If you are always so busy, maybe you haven't figured out your niche yet.
  • My time is valuable, so I am careful how I spend it.

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Spring is the busy time of year, especially in real estate, and everyone is busy -- or, at least, that is what people say. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean making money, but if I were to tell someone that I'm busy, they would congratulate me. As an industry and as a society we value being busy, and most people would never admit to not being busy when business is slow. Agents who admit that they are not busy might end up with less business because of it. We always picture great agents as being so busy they don’t have time for anything but business except for returning calls and answering emails. No one has that much time. We don’t value people who are not busy. We tend to judge ourselves and others based on some imaginary scale of busyness without taking into consideration what people are doing when they are busy. It's super easy to look busy and to act busy; actual accomplishments are a little harder to come by. When someone tells me that they are busy, I think to...