Zillow execs to defend against claims of 'massive' evidence destruction

Evidentiary hearing starts today
  • Move and NAR allege Zillow execs Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley have destroyed a "massive" amount of evidence that would have shown the execs misappropriated Move and NAR's trade secrets.
  • Move and NAR are asking the court to issue a ruling deciding the case in their favor without a trial, saying a fair trial may no longer be possible.
  • Zillow, Samuelson and Beardsley maintain they had no duty to preserve evidence before a lawsuit was filed against them and they did not intentionally destroy evidence in bad faith, but rather deleted data to protect their own personal information.

Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley — Zillow Group’s top representatives to the real estate industry — will be in the hot seat this week, facing allegations of “massive” evidence destruction in a Seattle courtroom as early as today.