Is your broker’s technology holding you hostage?

Where agents should draw the line
  • Many agents simply won't use the technology -- no matter how great it is.
  • My MLS allows my tiny company to offer the same services as big companies.
  • If your company insists that you have to use their stuff, move to another company.

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I just love the question: should I use my broker's technology? I see agents who are held hostage by email addresses and domain names that they do not own. They are held by the belief that it's the technology they use and probably pay for through the real estate company that keeps them in business. I’ll admit, I have not seen all of the technology used by all real estate companies, and I could be missing something amazing. But from what I see in the field, even if it is unbelievable, many agents can’t or won’t use it -- so I don’t see how it can give them or the company a competitive edge. I know that the last time I used the technology the broker supplied, I paid extra for it, and it seemed to be designed to make it easier for the company to track sales and profits but did nothing to make my job easier or to improve customer experience. A solution that works for me Real estate is local, and some of the amazing products out there don’t work all that well in ever...