Investors riding the Airbnb revolution

And the startups created in its wake
  • Airbnb has changed the travel and hotel industries.
  • Investors are buying properties specifically to rent on Airbnb.
  • A host of resources have popped up to help investors get the greatest return on investment.

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The Airbnb phenomenon has widened the sharing economy culture and is becoming more accepted legally and socially. The results are proving to be lucrative for hosts and for travelers, who are now enjoying the extra space for a lower price. Despite some controversy, Airbnb is revolutionizing the hotel business, similar to what Uber did for the taxi business. Airbnb has also created a rise of Airbnb investors and a new industry targeting Airbnb users and hosts. Changing the hotel and travel game Airbnb has changed the hotel and travel industry by changing the way guests travel and by giving anyone the opportunity to be a host and make additional income. Travelers benefit from an authentic local experience by staying in a private home instead of a hotel. They can feel what it is like to live in a city, rather than just feeling what it is like to visit. However, the experience can be unique from local life because of the ability to discover properties and homes that might hav...