Map Kitchen serves up physical addresses of your website visitors

Can the (map) kitchen really sell the house? Traffic analysis tool reports the actual address from which your site was viewed
  • Marketing software Map Kitchen uses a person's willingness to allow location tracking to produce reports on the actual whereabouts of your web visitors.
  • This isn't the prettiest software out there, but in its defense, the data has to take priority. Another concern is mobile visitors -- what happens when a user is at the local coffee shop?
  • Geolocation marketing is a powerful asset when mastered. Real estate should continue to seek ways to leverage it.

Location-based marketing is not new. Thanks to GPS chips in just about every digital device available today, it’s virtually impossible to escape the curious eye of the Internet. Finding new and clever ways to leverage your location and sell you things is on the minds of marketing companies everywhere. Map Kitchen is one of those.