Zillow helping agent teams refer out leads

Listing portal makes it easier for advertisers to turn leads they won't service into profit
  • Zillow has launched a program that helps advertisers send leads to agents at other brokerages in exchange for referral fees.
  • The program could make it more appealing for some advertisers to buy Zillow ads for the purpose of selling leads colleagues.

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Some real estate agent agents, teams and brokers who advertise on Zillow and Trulia receive more leads than they can handle, potentially resulting in missed opportunities. Now the listing portal is helping some advertisers ensure those leads are less likely to go to waste. Zillow Group has launched a referral program that makes it easy for advertisers to farm out leads to other Zillow Group advertisers in exchange for referral fees. It enables advertisers to refer leads to both agents at their own brokerage and agents at outside firms. “We are actively trying to match up advertisers who are getting more leads than they can personally manage with those who want additional leads and provide a great level of customer service,” said Zillow Group spokeswoman Amanda Woolley in a statement when asked about the program. An incentive to buy Zillow advertising in outside markets? In addition to helping advertisers milk surplus leads for cash, the program also appears to off...