Zillow invests in real estate team success with massive Premier Agent update

A new suite of tools is designed specifically to support team leaders
  • Zillow has added team functionality to its profile pages as well as several new tools to its Premier Agent app: lead routing, broadcast phone calls, team reporting and self-service ZIP code purchase.
  • The changes are live in some test markets and are expected to be rolled out "broadly by May," according to Zillow Group chief business officer Greg Schwartz.
  • The new tools are included with the cost of Premier Agent advertising.

There’s a real estate team leader who uses a stock-market-like system to manage leads for his agents. He sits at a desk with two computer monitors to accommodate everything he needs to see, and he watches his Zillow leads flow across the screens as buyers and sellers find his agents on the site. There’s no doubt that team leaders find activities like this one tedious at best. And although software exists to help team leaders intelligently assign leads to their agents — BoomTown, Kunversion, Commissions Inc. — soon team leaders will be able to manage this activity by setting rules in their Zillow Premier Agent mobile and desktop interfaces.