A real estate agent's guide to handling divorcing clients

How handling divorce real estate became Laurel Starks' passion
  • Handling divorce property is a challenge in neutrality, plus you are doing a lot more work, keeping both parties (and their attorneys) up to date.
  • Doing your due diligence in divorce real estate is crucial -- mortgage payments can often be in arrears.
  • If you really want to specialize in divorce real estate, consider mediation training.
  • Selling a divorce property rarely leads to more transactions because clients are typically financially strapped and not ready to buy.
  • No matter how complicated the sale of divorce property may be, remember the phrase, “Just sell the house.”

Laurel Starks remembers her first successful sale of a divorce property. It was early in her real estate career in 2006. An attorney friend got her appointed as the agent on a court order to sell a house. And when she arrived to see the house, it was not at its best.