Why Facebook groups are the worst place for agents to get advice

You’ll find questions that should never be asked on social media, but why?
  • Crowdsourcing can get you excellent answers -- in some situations where specific questions are asked.
  • Agents need to stop asking questions on open forums and go to their brokers directly.
  • If your broker is too busy to answer your questions -- find another broker.

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“Does anyone have success with open houses? What should I do to increase attendance?” “I’m just getting my real estate license and wondering which brokerage firm is best?” “My buyer didn’t get his mortgage because he lost his job and he didn’t tell anyone. How do I get his deposit back?” These are the kinds of questions you’ll find every day posted on Facebook pages and in groups. There are hundreds of real estate-related groups for networking, tech advice, mastermind discussions and just for fun or venting. Wherever real estate professionals gather -- online or in person -- you’re sure to hear similar requests for help. “Crowdsourcing” the answer to questions is not new. Long before the internet, agents gathered around the water cooler or for adult beverages after hours and compared notes and war stories. Agents gave each other advice on all sorts of problems then, and they still do now. Today with Facebook, Twitter and other social media outle...